hey pnutbttrjlly
the questions you ask are all very common ones and I am sure that many here have wrestled with them. for me personally I can answer a couple from my experiences
1 - Has anybody been shunned by a friend when you discussed your story with them? And how did you salvage the relationship or not? (I'm also anxious, because he may not have even read it yet.) telling a friend is a very strong move on your par. unfortunately it can trigger huge anxiety and there is no way to know how the person will react. I have never had the experience of being rejected specifically because of telling but I have talked to others who have. the main thing to remember is that you have NOT done anything wrong in seeking support for these issues in your life. the untouched can have a lot of trouble processing the abuse just like we do. fortunately for them... they don't have to live with it
2 - Does anyone else have identity confusion from their experiences? What were these outcomes? same sex attractions are so so common among survivors. for any number of reasons. i have had them all my life and I am married now 27 years to a woman who I love we have had a good sexual relationship and the issue is something that only I have to wrestle with. sometimes it seems to fade almost completely other times it is stronger but that in itself is no indication of your sexuality.
3 - Has anybody had a healthy heterosexual relationship following their abuse, or what struggles have you had to deal with or overcome in the relationships? the struggles that I have had to overcome are again similar to many. survivors tend to struggle with trust and intimacy issues. for me my abuse happened as a young boy and at different times last being at 13 so I built a lot of protection into my life lots of ptsd symptoms things like that which again become stronger at times and fade greatly at others.
I hope this answers some of your questions feel free to PM me any time if I can help
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