Hello men,

Now that I am diagnosed, I can't help wondering, "Who Else?"

I was at a birthday party the other day with about 5 other parents. Someone asked me how I lost so much weight and I said, "for me, it helped to find a thing that I am passionate about, something that makes me a better person, something social. I found an online group dealing with a certain diagnosis and syndrome which I had not previously understood. It's painful and frustrating, but illuminating and very grounding. I no longer eat to feel better."

I stopped there. I wanted desperately to talk about it more-- all these parents have small children-- and say, "what are you doing to protect your child?"

But I couldn't get the words out. And maybe its for the best. Better done one on one if at all?

It's comforting to know I am not alone, but its so horrible when people you know, who clearly have symptoms, and even recollection of events, do not have the insight or will to do anything about it. They still feel completely alone and powerless and I get the distinct feeling that even if I led them to the site, they would not engage. That's painful to see.

With me I always knew I had symptoms and abuse, but until I found you guys, I could never get my fingers around it. I could never forgive myself for my mess. I wonder sometimes if its about timing.

If I had found this site a year ago, would I have taken the plunge? How many are flirting around the outskirts?

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