If you live in Brazil, let's try to create a support group for ASA and CSA(especially ASA). As you already know group support for male child survivor is easier to find than for male adult survivor.Women have many groups that help them, however here in Brazil there's no such thing as support group for ASA(adult sexual assault).
I know that 20% of this forum are Brazilians and I also know here in our country we have no place to go to get help and support for each other.The only way is therapy and sometimes medications.
My goal is to start a support group here in Brazil, but I don't know where to start. I know we need a place, a professional and the survivors.
Let's not forget about the laws here in Brazil, there's no such thing as sexual assault for male,it is called indecent assault, meaning there's no rape for adult male.As many of us know we don't speak out because we're afraid of society, people may put your masculinity in question and unfortunately if we report a rape or abuse to the police, they could laugh at you, sometimes they won't believe in you; Basically you have no place to go literally.
So if you live in Brazil, São Paulo. Let's try to change things here and help each other.Nothing will change unless somebody is willing to make a move.

P.S: You don't have to live in São Paulo, if you want to help then help.Please, let's make things happen.
P.S 2: Moderators, I don't know where to post this, if here is the wrong place, please let me know before delete it.

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Brazil support group in São Paulo