I spent a few hours with the family today. My son and his. And I took his little daughter out for a walk in the neighborhood. As I watched this two year old run for the sake of running and scream just because she could and suddenly stop because she saw a butterfly, I just said, "thank you, God."

I got to see the innocence and pleasure of being a child experiencing life without the burden of abuse. I have never known anything but since the earliest of ages. I joined her and we extended our arms outward for at least 20 minutes and flew across the lawns because we were airplanes. And we jugged our arms and made sounds like a train and blew our whistles and we sang "old McDonald"... and we laughed and hugged. For a short time, I was a little guy again. AND I LIKED IT!!

My Father's Day gift... seeing my granddaughter free and unencumbered by life, experiencing the newness of a world that is grand and beautiful. And knowing that the abuse stopped with me.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.