Such a simple thing: Every drop a different stop, but they all come from the same.
God is a cloud: and, we are the rain. Thatís why I sometimes feel that somehow we are the same
Whenever I lay my head down to sleep, Thereís a strong thought thatís keeps haunting my mind.
Careless whispers of a nation. That somehow is trapped in the dark with nowhere to go. I know my thoughts are telling me:
Got to Be a Part Of me:
You see Life has no guarantees that youíll keep what you have even though you are blessed with then
Thatís why I am feeling: Some fear for the world. Within all the grief and misery; how much real time is there?
The sooner I take more responsibilities: I can truly say that I am grateful for my world.
And the irony of trying to do the right thing is that: Whatever you do some will undo and sometimes destroy. And there are some of us still trapped in darkness with a light so strong I such to find them
Because: They got to be a part of me. I can feel it, in my heart, in my soul.
They got to be a part of me. Making you part of you making you part of me everything must come back to me more.
The world is what we make it. What we see today is the results of the mistakes they made yesterday
And what we see tomorrow will be the result of what we do today. Donít you see love, thatís the key and you all are a part of him and making you a part of me.