That part about it being"Satanic Rings" is really offensive.I guess in the UK and about half the world they still worship slave gods that can not be proven.Media have no idea of what there talking about.No such thing as a horned beast to be worshiped too or sacrifice kids too.If you believe in a being or pray to something,that would make you a slave or inferior being in Satanic beleifs.There giving the real satanists bad names,they dont even say what kind of satanism it is,uk media is alot worse than the us media,they are idiots.
Guess what I'm a Satanist,"9th rule on earth is to protect the young,for they are our future.Anything that prohibits another person's freedom should be destroyed,that means,theives,murderers,child molesters,rapists,and soo forth should be destroyed,burnt to cinder.You could get rid of half of the prison population,If you followed the Satanic Charter.