It seems most people on here are sticking with their husbands/partners, being the support and I applaud everyone. Anyone who divorced due to the effects of CSA? I'm looking for stories and advice and wanting to be prepared as much as I can. I don't see how it will be possible to stay with my husband. Even before the acting out and infidelity, I discovered that he's been lying to me for years. He was the sweetest, most loving man and faithful husband for almost 5 years, but created a whole life that never existed and just very deep lies. He's not in therapy at all and though I am no doctor, I feel he may have borderline personality disorder. I really thought I could be that understanding supporter. I know where it all comes from. I could even have gotten past the cheating. But I have absolutely no trust and the lies scare me, especially since we have a 17 month old son. Hoping to hear from others who went the divorce route, especially if there are children involved.