Hey guys,

Focused, you are true to your name dude. For me, there is a bigger reality to consider.

20 yrs. ago I had a dream that I went looking for my true self. I found him hanging out. He was basically good, but a bit of a juvenile delinquent. I embraced him and from the depths of my heart I cried asking, "What happened?"

20 yrs. later the memories began to trickle in. Now I seek to discover what happened, not so much the sequence of events as who am I as a result of the sexual abuse. What kind of person am I?

I believe that sensuality and lust are highly contagious. The researchers discovered a group of older boys who identified with their abuser. In other words, they have in their persons those qualities of character which predators are made of. I am very sorry to write this. The research team highlighted their concern. They documented that one of the youths had pressed a girl for sex and when she refused, he struck her repeatedly on the head with a hammer.

Live for today.
Get what you can.
Sex is good.

No mature, loving male would live by these three principles. Yet those males who have identified with their abusers do. With relative moral values ruling the day, whose to say to this group, "you are on the wrong path."? Thus my question, "Whose to say?"