Hi Paul,its me Jean-Pierre.

I have a wish to make to you, but first I dont know if i told you I am french speacking. In no way i want or I wish to cheat on you, to influence you but more that that to mistrust you. I know what it is like to have bean mistrust.

If you are not comfortable whit what i want to ask you and you do say no to me, I will honor you saying no to me.

The wish to you is well i just read your "Finding The Strenght Within " and would like to translate it in french.I would like to also use your wrigthing to share it at a group here call CRIPHASE its a therapy group for men,


It did and does speack to me very mutch. I think You are in your 30 something and also think you are very lucky to have wright what you have wright you have wisdom.

See Paul I am 62 years old and rely begening understanding what you have wright.


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