Hiya guys! Well, we had some pretty rough weather in my neck of the woods yesterday. I had actually meant to do some posting and PMing last night but the weather had other ideas. Wind gusts in my area were clocked at 70-80 mph,(113-129 kph), and we lost power for about 10 hours.

Anyway, this is a video I took of the weather out of my living room window. At around 7:15 PM, the tornado sirens started going off and I rushed to find my camera to see what I could capture. At about 0:57 in the vid, I got the transformer across the street form me exploding. At around 2:10-2:25 you start to see some of those 70+ mph wind gusts. At that point I wussed out for a second and started to run for cover. My main thought being that I should probably get away from those windows but the allure of the storm brought me back to them. After that, the storm lessened and intensified a few more times before I figured it was over and stopped filming.

I didn't know this until today but while I was filming this, an EF1 tornado touched down about a mile from me. It was part of the same storm.....

Later on I asked a couple of my neighbors if they saw how intense the storm got and they both said they hadn't because they'd been hiding in their bathrooms. Ha ha! That's what smart people do! DUUUURRRR! crazy

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