This is so cool you guys have seen so many national parks. Wish I could go back there right now!

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That's all I need. If I get to share with someone else even better, but I could go hours without saying a word, just sharing the experience together is enough.


I can relate to that so much. I think it was in Canyonlands I just sat and stared into the landscape for hours...there's like an infinite amount of details wherever you look, you can never tire of it. Have you heard of Everett Ruess, by chance?

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I don't think any one is "better" than another. They all offer something. I feel at home in the southeast, but I'm awed by the West. Alaska is still a goal.

I got the same feeling. When my friend showed me the itinerary for our roadtrip, I was a bit hesitant about the fact that he had included so many national parks that had the word 'canyon' in it...I stupidly thought (in hindsight, like, really, really stupidly) they'd all look the same. But the rock formations of, say, Bryce, were mind-bogglingly different from the Grand Canyon... Again like I said before it's almost useless trying to express those experiences into words. I'm thinking of another roadtrip maybe next year along the west coast, working my way up to Alaska. It's been a fascination for me ever since I read 'Into the Wild'.

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