An article from a bibliography someone posted caught my eye. I found it at the library, "Response Patterns in Children and Adolescents Exploited Through Sex Rings and Pornography." The contributers presented research data on 66 children and adolescents involved with 14 male adults in 11 sex rings. They interviewed the youth and grouped their responses in categories.

One of the so-called response patterns is , "Identification with the exploiter." I would sum it up this way: the adolescent feels loved by the male adult preditor and loves him in return. A bond has been forged. Other bonds between family and peers are out of necessity, severed. (In an anology, the youth prefers a steady diet of pure candy and wants nothing of a well balanced meal.)

This made me think of a post I read recently: "For a child abandonment feels worse than abuse - that is pure gold."

The youth lives by 3 simple laws, principles which he will take into adult life:

1)Live 4 today.

2)Get what you can.

3)Sex is good.

It seemed to me the research team might have challenged this "response pattern" group because in short the youth defiantly stated basicly,

This is my reality.
It is true for me.
Therefore it is true.

Whose to argue?