Another member, Newground, and I were discussing the need for a forum focused specifically on sexual health issues. I am aware we have forums such as "Ask the Sex Doc" and "Sexual Identity Issues" available, but that doesn't quite meet the niche that a "Sexual Health" forum would cover.

Due to the sensitive nature of the forum, it could have an implied trigger warning header a well as having a "mod approval requirement" for new thread posts in order to protect the healing environment this site wishes to culture.

Topics for suggestion would be:
*healthy sexual relationships
*intimacy issues
*building trust needed for healthy sex, with self and others
*healthy sex mechanics/ respect for self and others
*reducing unhealthy or dangerous sexual practices
*addressing the presence of sexual addiction or addiction to porn or masturbation.

Also, renaming the "Sexual Identity Issues" to "Sexual Identity and Orientation Concerns" section might be more accurate since it is less suited to sexual health discussions.

I believe having a dedicated sex health section would allow survivors to discuss something that's a taboo outside of the community. It would also reduce the incidence of sex health topics under the general "male survivor" section.

I hope you consider this addition to the site as I feel it would further the MaleSurvivor Mission statement in a positive way by reducing the incidence of improper sexual discussion and instead supporting positive changes.