I met someone I am truly interested in. He approached me while I was having a beer at the local watering hole, a conversation ensued and lasted until about 1 in the morning as we wondered around downtown, laughing and chatting. It brought a lot of questions to mind. Since my days of actually dating, a lot of time has passed and I have discovered much about myself. Including hitting the CSA and the ASA head on and the effects it has on my personality and behavior and all things in between. I will be seeing him again, because he asked-.several times during those hours of meeting.. which is cool for me. And he didn't ask for sex.

I was just wondering, if these assaults are something I should share or should I keep them private for a while? There is a risk that the person responsible for the asa is known by this guy. They live a few streets from one another. Not that I would name him, but that he is the only guy I have had a relationship with... so it wouldn't be hard to pinpoint. I am tired of being afraid to let someone care, but also tired of carrying all this secrecy.... and... I don't know... I guess I am afraid of rejection if I give in to the feelings that could possibly arise. But what a difference to have someone interested in big ol' me, and its not based on sex.

I need a bit of advice on the dating scene... 55 years old and I need dating advice...lol... makes me feel silly but I can't make the mistakes of the past. I am all ears on this one.

For now we see through a glass, darkly.