Possible trigger...
In one GOOD man's opinion .... and I may be wrong, but I don't think so.

I had written a few paragraphs about the continued responsibility of participants on the ASA forum, you know. As in how we should always support one another and share and listen and lift up. They way guys in the CSA forum or the Off-Topic forum, or the Gay forum or the Spiritual forum do. Then I deleted them. The support just doesn't happen here often. Why? ...I don't know.
Was like this when I started sharing in January.

I just want to point out that every silence to a posting is silence to an issue that should be talked about. Anger toward someone in this foum is anger that should be directed to the outrage that grown men are sexually assaulted. We can grow so much from one another. We can heal so much more readily from another's lessons and wisdom.

All of us are vulnerable and exposed when coming here. Some of us have wives or partners or strong social circles. And some of us have no one. I am asking you, as a brother of adult sexual assault experience to step out, step up, and make this forum one of healing. One of support. One worthy of sharing in. I know I am not the only male needing a helping hand. Can't be or the forum would not be in existence...because it was HERE WHEN I ARRIVED.

.......makes me wish to pack my bags and give up the issues caused by being raped.... makes me feel ashamed that I bring forth my issues surrounding the rape and posting in the ASA forum and unworthy of responses with those issues.
...and I don't like feeling this way.

and its not anyone's fault... it is as it is.

The indifference is heart-breaking.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.