dear magellan,

how to put suffering into perspective.
a detailed in-depth study of the book of JOB.

and another look at the book of JOB

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This is simply not true.

41 years old, devout christian as a child. Thrown to the wolves, neglected, ignored, bullied, and then developed homosexual feelings against my own dreams of being a good devoting christian.

I've had a long and tortured life, in spite of all the work and soul searching and seeking out "God".

No benefits here. Nothing but pain and trauma.

What do you tell people who have fought their entire lives to gain sanity, connection, spirituality, and love and failed?

And what do you tell 3 year old children in Africa who die of AIDS? Did they deserve their suffering?

I can't believe in a God that designs a universe to make innocent people suffer.

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If you live your life, true to God, then you will indeed reap the rewards, that you deserve.