This is a response to the introductory post by Confuzzed, but I think it also belongs here. Blessings.

I joined this site about 4 days ago, so I'm no expert in the topic but I want to convey a perspective that I haven't seen covered well here, which I think is a very real and important dimension of the cycles we are caught up in. Its important because in the effort to ascribe 'blame' or 'good' and 'evil' to a person (the perp), we are missing the target, which in this case happens to be an invisible moving its hard to hit. The target is demonic in nature.

Let me start by saying I am a little bit spiritually open. I am aware of the spirit world's existence and have seen how it plays into our motives, actions, emotions, and thoughts. I've seen how demons look in spirit world and I know about their special interest in sexual affairs, because illicit sexual behavior is their best shot at creating a landing pad for themselves in the physical that will multiply generationally. They have been at it, perfecting their poisonous delivery system for millenia and they are experts. So the dad, uncle, older brother...they are puppets of a much more aggressive and powerful masters of darkness and pain.

Any attempt to ascribe full blame to the puppet
is going to come up feeling thin and untenable.

My second point is this ...the fact that there are demonic entities behind the perp is easy to fathom...but in the extended sexual relationship, demons begin to work also through the heart, mind, and body of the victim causing intense longing, fear, lonliness, rage, and addiction.

These two types of demons have been having this long raging dance throughout history, using humans as their puppets.

Even though I'm not this great religious person, I strongly believe in intervention as one piece of the healing puzzle. Extricating ourselves from the puppet strings is sacred work. And for some it can happen instantaneously given the right conditions. We shouldn't rely only on spiritual power to save ourselves, but it is a component that should not be overlooked.

In the end these demons are a sad and bankrupt lot, with no place to call while they are fearsome and corrupt, and experts in the field of sexual manipulation, they are also pitiful and unworthy of our genitals, which represent the hope of God and humanity. The door to our salvation, and theirs, will never open until we learn to say no, once and for all.

Finally, I want to thank the OP for this revealing account, which has helped me gain perspective on the nature of my own deceptive longings, and on the source of my pain and salvation.

I expect that from here on in, the great work of religion/spirituality has to be able to address and uproot this heinous system of human slavery, fully and completely... for the most part it has failed thus far.

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