Hey StrugglingGuy,
welcome to Males survivor!
It is encouraging seeing you sharing your story and experience.
Many of us have had some dysfunctional families and such environment set up things for some behavior from which children should be protected.
We were brought to sexuality too early. we were aware about shameful side of it and as we were kids it colored our world and impacted us much more than would grown person. Because of that some scars are long lasting and it is difficult to resolve some internal confusion left. So it could be that we have problems with distinguishing love from sex, being closed to sharing intimacy at all, being hypersexual, trying to repeat some situations that in some way could be connected to abusive past and so on, being very negative toward self and taking all blame and guilt on ourselves ... - the list could be very long.
Good that you are in therapy!

Have you experienced some positive changes trough it?
What do you think where additional improvements would be good to happen?
How come that you started to look for help if it is not too personal question?

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