First draw in a month, actually a double draw (pre- and post-medication). My only bitch is that the first draw wasn't done well...first painful one I've had with these folks - starts spinning with a draw like that - and it's still hurting. Second draw other arm and, go figure, that's the one that's bruising. Looks like a damned junkie crazy

As for the plateau, guess we're over that and any concerns I had. Results from last month's draw were spectacular. I'm 3½ months into the study:
CD4 absolute 185 (from 33)
CD4 % 7.4% (from 2.6%)

Holy shit. shocked

I've now "graduated" to draws every other month, so nothing until July.

btw, as is typical, this was a fasting draw. No food since midnight, only water. Well, yeah, they got their urine sample. But with all the water I've been pissing all morning as frequently as someone you see in those ads who has prostate problems.

You might appreciate this Pero. My fasting reward between draws was a "breakfast" of a couple Kägi-fret bars.