Things I liked:
(Yes this is a healthy thing to do)
(Not listed in chronological order)

Taking trips to the Colorado Mountains
Weenie roasts in the mountains
Fishing with my grandfather in the Colorado mountains

taking boat rides (my avatar was a boat ride)
going to Elitches Fun park or Lakeside (amusement park) in Denver (like 6 flags)
Getting Christmas presents and opening Christmas stockings

My favorite presents were a bicycle when I was 9 and a pop gun when I was 10 and a BB gun when I was 11.
Going on car trips
Playing with my grandmother's chickens in her yard
Getting Easter presents

Eating watermelon
spitting (blowing) watermelon seeds at the chickens
Exploring. I used to explore Cherry Creek in Denver. Now it's developed.
School lunch.

Making things. I made boats and music instruments which never worked.
Playing with bang-os

Playing with Lincoln Logs

Playing with Lincoln Logs

Playing with Tinkertoy

Playing with Erector Set
Listening to Grand Ol' Opry with 'Cousin' Minnie Pearl on radio
I wanted to play the banjo
Listening to Tom Mix, Lone Ranger, One Man's Family on radio
Playing with my friends George or Tommie.
Playing with squirt guns
Playing with water balloons
Taping small mirrors on my shoes to look up the girl's dresses (never really worked)
Finding quiet peace and solace in nearby forested areas

Visiting my grandma
Exploring grandma's basement or attic (different grandmas)
Going to movies (Abbot and Costello or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis with friend Tommie

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