When I was baptized I had spent the entire night before getting filthy drunk . I thought I was having a conversation with myself but it turns out it was The Spirit whispering in my ear " your getting baptized today" I even argued " I am drunk there is no way I am getting baptized to day" But this voice would not leave me . I drove home 30 minutes away from where I was at and went to sleep for 2 hrs . Woke up and still wreaked of alcohol. I was still drunk . When they called for those who were to be baptized I took my place and to the surprise of the lady calling on us to come up and she stated "umm and I guess brother Nathan" Because all the others were planned.

I went under the water vowing when I came up I would be a new creature i would follow Christ no matter what . I went under and when I came up I could feel the presence of God all around me in me through me . I knew right than that God was real there was no doubt it was all erased at that very moment . Most of all i felt Clean for the first time in my life . I was so clean i felt it in knew it . That day was also the last day i drank . I am an alcoholic and even with being in the hospital 3 times with alcohol poisoning and my stomach bleeding , i could not stop . the day the doctor showed me my stomach bleeding , the very next day i left the hospital and got a 30 pack of beer. Thats how bad It was ,drinking from the time i woke up until the time i passed out. I had been to rehab the whole 9 but that day i came up out of the water He took the desire away he took the craving away and the withdraws . It was like i never drank . I have always heard of people being delivered and such but I really did not believe to much of it . It happen to me and i am somber till this day. Sept 29th 2001 was the day . I am forever greatful that HE did that for me . I think he knew if not I was going to drink myself to death.

That day was the best day of my life . He has sense allowed me to do many things in his name . Going on the Oprah show with the other 200 men , making that video of me telling my story, ministering to people at church , and at a prison where some of the people I minister to are in fact child molesters . Only the hand of God could allow such things . I am free totally free of the shame and guilt and secrecy that surrounded this tragedy. God has taken what man meant for bad and used it For His glory and I just happen to be along for the ride.

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