Hello Aries,

I too was abused by a female who had authority over me. Actually I had physical and sexual abuse by two females over me, phew! I became very intimidated and passive around females, which led me to my first encounter, a fort, a girl, french kissing.., then she became a lesbian. Really, sigh. Well I was like 12 or 13, so I can let that go.

I think we as survivors of female abuse can become comfortable with females because.., well, there is like 7 billion ppl on the earth and what, roughly half of them are female, right? that is a lot of ppl to keep track of.

Seriously, females are not our problem, just one or two ppl that controlled, manipulated and crushed us. So if we can somehow see that, that it was a monster, a troubled soul or a hurt person instead of color, race or gender, we might be able to see the real problem. We were not abused by females, but by a perpetrator that is in our past and in all probability, untouchable. So it is up to us to let go of the abuser, to find comfort in those around us who want us to succeed in healing. I know that much of the trauma healing process was initiated and continued by females, the male healing organization owes a great deal to them as a group. They are empathetic, compassionate and supportive, a trifecta that is conducive to thriving healing.

Perhaps this will help you begin to heal from our shared anxiety fellow survivor, it has helped me in my path.

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014