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This girl was not merely experimenting with you, she was sadistically lashing out at a younger person of the same gender as her own abuser.

Yeah, this is what I have to believe. I just can't fathom the possibility that a little girl could be sexually sadistic towards younger kids without having been abused herself. It's like I just said to you in your thread about your issues with your dad and the fantasies you had as a child. Little kids don't just get ideas like these ones in their head out of nowhere.

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Perhaps she came to terms with it later on in adulthood, and that was her intent in calling you all those years later, but she just didn't know how to begin to apologize for what she'd done to you.

I've wondered that. I've even kind of fantasied that she would call me again someday and tell me who abused her and also tell me she was sorry for the things that happened between us when we were kids. If she did, I would offer her my forgiveness and it would help to lift a weight off my soul a little. It wouldn't undo any of the damage but it would help to hear her say those things. Especially the part about her admitting that she had been abused herself. I don't know why but getting 100% confirmation on the fact that someone was indeed abusing her is something I want to know so badly, but I probably never will. Not that I want her or anyone else to have been abused, but I want the whole thing to make sense and to know for certain that she was abused would help a lot in that regard. Thanks. Peace,