Had a few dreams last night.

In 1 of them, I found myself complimenting myself; about how intelligent and funny and sexy I was. WTF!? I've never had a dream like that before. But it felt "normal" / "natural" within the context of the dream.

In another dream, I dreampt that someone I dated for 6 weeks had launched into a very ambitious art project involving an RV. I was surprised by how much he was able to accomplish because it required the cooperation and volunteer efforts of so many other people.

I know that this dream was probably a jealous replay of something I just recently witnessed - a kid in my area of expertise somehow wrangled together 40 some odd people to help him produce a short film. Many mixed feelings (including admiration jealousy) in the mix there.

All the things I could never have accomplished thanks to CSA and abuse. God dammit.