I believe you've made great progress. Don't give up. I think we here in MS could support you more by chatting with you either in chat forum or in PM or in this open forum.

DID is difficult stuff to deal with. I thought my issues were pretty well settled. But a few weeks ago as I was in bed ready to go to sleep I felt myself shift to a boy alter. I haven't felt that for a long time. I don't know age or other particulars very much yet. Yes I know what I'm saying. I have a T session this week and I can talk this over with him. I wasn't able to tell much about the boy alter, but he bears the memories of CSA. Now that it's coming forward it can be dealt with.

It is difficult to get good sleep. I'm concerned that my brain has been trained to remain partly awake during my sleeping hours. Some alters like to remain awake. I get good sleep if I fall asleep in the car with the cd or radio playing. The engine is off. The seat is tilted backwards. The music allows some of the alter or alters to relax. I know that part is listening even though I'm asleep. I don't fully understand it. I just know it works.


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