wow. excellent.

loved it.

i agree.

you know your scripture.

and you seem to understand it in a way that is similar to my understanding.

it has taken me years of study,
inside and outside the bible,
to come to the same conclusions as you.

the bible is both literal and symbolic,
just as light is both a particle and a wave.
it all depends on the observer.
just as god is 3 and 1 and 3 in 1.
( JOHN CH:01 )

the bible is simple but not superficial... let him who has ears to hear...
one thing i do know is that god demands our worship,
but does not require it in order to exist.
the bible does not need our permission or agreement in order to be true.
it defies my disbelief and dismisses my denial.

your insight on JOB parallels my own as well.
it gives me hope to think i might be on the right track.
i spent a lot of time on that book for personal reasons.
still not finished with it, but i have gone through it 5 times.
better each time.
it is nice to know that you and i both caught the same idea,
the humans in this book never know the whole truth.

understanding each book in the bible, adds more depth to my understanding of the other books.
the whole collection of books that is the bible is one integrated message.