Hi! To start with iam just starting this male survivor thing! I am 29yrs old I was sexually abused! When I was about 9YrS. Old by a neighbor. About two years ago I was having recurring anxiety and panic attcks! I couldn't understand why? So long story short! I didn't understand why was this ahppening and then about 7 months ago I started realing that! This visuals of me being abused just kept popping up I still didn't understand! So I started to seek therapy. The therapist took a ton of weight from my back teling me that I was having this things becouse I was blaming my self for a lot of what happen to me when I was a lil boy! And open up to the abuse!!! So here iam. I started to feel better when I was talking about it. But now what do I do from here what is healing ?"and will this change my life becouse I have problems holding jobs sexual disfunction deppression anxiety anger etc. I want to be a better man I must admit.