Hey all,
Been awhile since I've been on but one thing I noticed recently it's that men i am ok around but women, well they scare the hell out of me. The only female I am actually comfortable, excluding family cause them I'm comfortable around them, is my girlfriend. Being that females are as much around as males, walking the streets, in stores, etc.. I really don't know what to do. It can get frustrating sometimes and then i find myself getting agitated quickly, my bosses are female and there are alot of females in the AA meetings i go to (they are touchy, like to hug instead of shake hands) and it makes me uncomfortable. Luckily i can and do talk to my girlfriend about these things and she understands the fact I was sexually assualted and helps me through alot. I tend to become withdrawn and "shy" around females, very anxious and have to leave the room sometimes to gain my composure back. I know they won't hurt me and thinking its the PTSD but i aint sure. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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