Great review of upcoming biopic about two young black men working thru sexual identity.

From the article :
When we meet Coke, he's living in his mother's house in Cleveland and dating a woman named Tam, who is pregnant with the couple's first child. Tam doesn't know that Coke works as a male escort for extra cash. He identifies as bisexual but has strict rules about what kind of sexual conduct he's comfortable with, and it's obvious [b]Coke struggles with immense shame about his identity, even worrying itís caused by having been sexually abused by a family member as a child.[/b]

How many members here can relate to that sentiment?

"The root of this comes in the shame and the humiliation from the religious African-American community that homosexuality, bisexualityÖ is the number one sin," says Winborne, himself a black gay man. ďThe African-American community has placed this shame on people who identify as being gay, bisexual, or LGBT. Itís like being LGBT is a shame on our race.
Thatís advice that Coke has taken to heart, as he says heís now spending time with a woman named Janae, who he ďreally, really cares aboutĒ and who accepts his bisexuality and supports him in being out

ďIf someone can sit in front of the TV and be like, OK, I can tell my mother Iím gay,Ē then his participation was worth it, Coke says, getting emotional. ďA lot of people donít understand, they think itís so wrong. I thought it was the sickest shit. Like, what is wrong with me? Iím sick, this is not right. But itís OK. And thatís what I want to get across. Itís OK.Ē

Love the final message, even though we at first think we are the sickest thing in the world alone in our darkest terrors, if we can find a way to get it out, to share it, we can finally see its going to be OK. : )


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