Sorry to hear you can't control the flying. I get flying dreams at least once a week, and IT IS BOSS!!! I have gotten better and better at it the more I do it. It's almost like my subconscious mind looks at all the problems I'm faced with and says "Ah, fuck this shit!" and I re-learn for the thousandth time how to fly away from everyone.

Not sure what age I really started doing this, but I will say this. Before I started learning to fly in my dreams, I would have to evade people who were chasing me on foot and they'd often catch up and blow me away with fully automatic weapons or worse. And I would fall a lot.

You are lucky you don't get sleep paralysis though. I've probably had a few hundred experiences, often with an evil presence in the room (like you described- demonic). Weird thing is, one time I fought my way out of the paralysis, but while still groggy an invisible person grabbed me by the throat and started choking me. BUT that could be a body memory.

While paralyzed I'm always being sucked back in (?), into something, I don't know what, like a nightmare. Sometimes I decide not to fight it, and I have the most bizarre, unexplainable shit happen when I do that. I let myself be pulled in, then I'm awake, but enveloped in blackness, feel like I'm spinning faster and faster, start to hear a loud metallic crackling noise (or really beautiful music- not like any I've heard while awake) and then suddenly I'm outside of my body floating around the room. That's rare, but as much as I hate sleep paralysis, I wish I could have more of these experiences.

Then I take my flying ability out of the dream world and into the real world.

Oh, also, I would freak if I woke up with a scorpion on me. Yeah, that would probably add to my repertoire of things I wake up searching my room for after dreaming about. And the wasp? Good lord. I wonder how common insect-phobias are to CSA survivors? I wonder if they're more common (the ones you wake up spooked by) to those of us abused in our own beds (insect crawling on you = same feeling as hands molesting/touching you?).

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