crazy gecko and farmer... thanks guys. pissed is a good place to be. its a place i seldom visit, and it gives me the realization that i should be here more often. And as you know, I have left the former T, and now have a new T. Hopefully, he won't make such damaging remarks by blaming the victim. That's like stepping back in time.

And Tyr, thanks for the advice. I am pretty honest with myself, and there is no way I can be responsible for what happened on that day, because it was the day of my surgery. drugged, cut, repaired, stitched.... both sides. The only way to avoid the assault was to 1. not have had the surgery - wasn't an option... and 2. to not have trusted ... what a dreadful way to live, as I have found out since that day.

I would like to hear more of what you mean by risk management if you get the chance to share.

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