I coach a youth athletic team. Last night there was an incident at practice which really upset me. Two kids were messing around, splashing each other and one of the kids yelled out " I'm being raped here." When I heard that I just lost it. In a stern voice I said " Rape is not a laughing matter. If you or anyone you know had been raped, you would not be making jokes about it at all. It is a serious matter that people never ever recover from. You don't know if anyone here has been raped or has had a mom or sister raped. You are showing a real lack of understanding and decency by joking about it" I said it loud enough that everyone at practice heard it. The place got really quiet and there was definite discomfort. I had to work really hard to make sure I kept my composure while I was saying all this. I didn't want to lose it completely and start screaming. That would have shifted the attention to me, rather than the issue. Nevertheless, the rest of practice, I was shaken and found it hard to stay focused because it was somewhat triggering. One of my assistants even asked if I was okay after that because he could tell I was upset. Now, my past CSA didn't include rape, but that is immaterial. No one on the team knows of my past or the abuse I suffered. Do you think I handled this properly? Should I be worried that someone might put the pieces together and wonder if there's some reason for my strong reaction? Any other comments? Thanks, DavO