I have this circle of friends, and one of them, R, is super-rich cuz both his parents died and left him a fortune. He frequently takes us (this includes the chick who took my virginity) down to the bars and pays for all our drinks. So, he's generous. But he's like a spoiled little kid, though. He buys the drinks, so he gets to do/say whatever he wants with you.

So, in the first place, he's constantly telling me to shut up and stop talking, while I'm trying to make friendly conversation. He doesn't like intellectual topics, and that's really all I know how to talk about. I'm socially dysfunctional in some ways, I'll admit it. But I'll simply be explaining hydrogen bonding or something, and all night long it's just "Shut up, Bryan. You talk too much." I take it, cuz he's paying for the cab and the drinks and how could I "bite the hand that feeds me".

Well, this isn't the real problem. Whether I am certain my dad perped me or not, this still pisses me off: he has repeatedly made jokes about my dad raping me. Ironically, it's the same goddamn dynamic I've always had with my dad "Well, he pays for me, so I better do whatever he says/let him walk all over me". Last night was the last straw. I didn't unload on him then and there, cuz I wouldn't have had a ride home if I did.

Today I cut him off. I basically told him "me being myself around you annoys you- that's your fucking problem. I'm too old for this shit. I don't care how much money you've fucking blown on me, you've repeatedly made jokes in front of people about my dad raping me. That is beyond not cool, dude". And since he's made of money, and he can surround himself with whomever he wants, and I'm very much replaceable, he simply replied "Fine. Later."