I think that sometimes we center our childhoods around the CSA and our childhoods are nothing but CSA. Sorry if saying that offends anyone, but what i'm trying to say is, there must be things that we enjoyed in life when we weren't being abused, even if it was things we used to escape the abuse. I know there were many things I enjoyed, many things that normal kids enjoyed. I think we need to focus on those things we enjoyed and that brought us pleasure while being abused, so that we don't have to view our childhood as this big mess of confusion, guilt, pain, ect.

I loved my SNES
I loved books, especially Harry Potter
I loved my grandma, she is the best!
I loved my grandpa, he was funny and called my "Wizzy" cuz I was smart like a wizard.
I loved my little sister.
I loved when I saw my dad come back from Mexico.
I loved playing at Mcdonalds' play place.
I loved taking baths
I loved Dragon Ball Z
I loved my grandma's trampoline.
I loved tacos and sprite.
I loved Mario kart racing. Luigi and Yoshi were my favorite
I loved wrestling
I loved my teacher Mrs. Capson, she was awesome! and always told me I was a genius!
I loved school, it was so easy for me. I was always a star student.
I LOVED POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are just a few things I loved, and that I had in my life while being abused. Though the abuse is a black mark on my childhood, it isn't my childhood. This brief list I just typed is more of my childhood.

Out of curiosity, what else did people have in their childhoods that wasn't abuse, and that they enjoyed? was it your favorite food? Tv show? action figure? a place? clothes? Singer? Tell me, tell MS, but most importantly, Tell yourself what else you had in your childhood, besides the CSA.