While it remains to be seen if anything happens to change the way abuse in institutions is handled in the future, this is a huge step forward for survivors of sexual abuse in Australia.

Some words from our Prime Minister (I guess she isn't all bad)

Originally Posted By: Prime Minister Julia Gillard
"What I want to achieve out of the royal commission is twofold: for the survivors of child sexual abuse, I want this to be a moment of healing, for us to say to them as a nation 'we hear you, you're valued and you're believed' because for too long, so many of these survivors have just run in to closed doors and closed minds," she said.

"And second, I want the royal commission to provide for us recommendations about the future.

"We've let children down in the past as a country - we need to learn what we can do as a nation to better protect our children in the future."

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