here is more spiritual guidance from an american aboriginal.

powerful good medicine.

Richard Wagamese

his writings have changed my life.
in fact, he is the source of my signature motto below.
"a warrior must learn the art of healing"

( i believe it is an improvement on my previous motto which i received from nietzsche...
"what does not destroy me, makes me stronger."
this phrase had been my battle cry since my early twenties.
it taught me endurance, survival, tenacity, optimism... but not healing.

i was always aware that a warrior needs to know how to fight.

i focused on improving my offensive and defensive skills.
constantly collecting new and better weapons for my arsenal.
i sought and envisioned only victory.
who wants to be a "loser"?
i was a "winner", not a "wiener", not a "whiner".

it had never occured to me that healing is just as important as fighting.
if you do not heal, you cannot fight again.

a warrior who cannot recover from his wounds is like a disposable razor. useful, but not for long.
once it becomes dull and blunted, it no longer functions as it should.

you do not need to win every battle to win the war.

this man's books taught me that there is still dignity in defeat.

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