when i was young, wendy O was my dream girl.

while my buddies were drooling over their farrah fawcett posters,
i was obsessed with this ultra violent psycho babe.
i thought if i could only meet her, she would immediatlely recognize me as her soul mate.


never did meet her. she committed suicide in 1998.
i cried when i heard that she died.

her concerts were extremely dangerous events and i was "lucky" enough to attend one of them in 1981(?).
blood, sex, black magic, occult symbolism, nudity,
madness, mayhem, destruction, vandalism and anarchy.
even i was shocked by what i saw on stage and off, and i loved every second of it.

bottles, body waste, and other debris flying throught the air. injuries were everywhere.
it was a miracle that no one was killed, and the security seemed to be non-existent.
i was expecting (hoping) the crowd would explode into a full scale riot and revolution, but they somehome managed to contain the mostly male audience.

driven crazy with testosterone, adrenaline, and alcohol. i was bleeding and exhausted by the time it was over.
we left the arena in wild packs, erupting into the streets, smashing and damaging windows and cars, setting fire to mailboxes and porta-potties, and knocking over signs.

pretty lame and pathetic.

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