if you really want heavy... forget the metal.

this song was heavier than gold or lead.

i would crank this up and go into a frenzy.


lou reed is a known as a poetic genius, but this song is F____D UP!!! the lyrics are insane and intense.

i was lucky enough to meet mr.reed during his "magic and loss" tour - (1992). i had a blue mohawk and i was covered in leather and chains. i was in my MAD MAX ROAD WARRIOR fantasy phase.

i walked up and shook his hand and told him that blue mask was the sickest song ever written. i meant it as a compliment. he said "thanks" and barely reacted. he seemed pretty jaded.

here is more jaded music.


crazy b!tch

just plain b!tch

trying to get closer

and of course this zappa classic

if i'm too rough, tell me, i'm so scared your little head will come off in my hands

stick it deep inside

an oasis of pop angst

i know what to do ( at least i used to )

i think i am beginning to see a pattern in my old listening habits.

not a very pretty pattern.
i know i would not like my kids to listen to these songs.