I read Catcher in the Rye as a junior in high school. I immediately identified with Holden. I wanted to be like him, maybe even wanted to be him. I loved the loner aspect to his personality and how he was able to be independent and search the city and the world to find his place. I even wanted to name my first born son Holden. The first time I read it, I was a CSA victim. I couldn't understand why I was drawn to Holden, since his life and my life were so different. I've reread that book several times. Coincidentally, each time I reread it, it was within a year of an abuse episode or acting out episode. I never understood why I kept returning to this book post abuse until now. Had you asked me if Holden Caulfield was abused, I would have said no. Now I realize why I was drawn to the book and protagonist. It all seems so clear now, and it makes me wonder how I could have missed it.

Thanks Will for writing this. It is excellent. You have done us all a favor by writing and you've enriched our experience here at MS. Continued good wishes to you.