Hey Eric,
it was like yesterday for me when you have had topic about wanting to find and talk with that man.
Good that you finally accomplished that mission and I hope with some time your emotions would settle and you'll felt calmer about it. You followed your wish and you did it, so no matter on mixed feelings you did right thing.
Now let's talk about healing here:
Please don't be ashamed of your words that you said to him. If I would be you I would go trough those feelings of regret. What is there so upsetting, how come that was said what is said and how come that other important questions wasn't mentioned, how feelings emerged parallel with talk with him - that would be my set of questions that I would like to go trough. Could you find some yours?
Also you post very good question at and of your topic about your expectations.
So can you take some time and try to look and find that answer as it could be more important than all this story about confronting your abuser. Question could be for example like this: What you expected from that mission? How you came to those expectations?

You were very brave to follow your heart and you deserve some words of support, here is my warmest hug for you

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