Hi Air

I can feel your pain.
Question, Is he healing from his past, what is he doing to deal with the pain from his childhood?

He does not have the self confidence and self belief to get a good job, he might be the best at what he does, but he does not want to ask for the money that he should be earning.
If he has not faced his past, then he will not be able to confidently ask for his worth. He still feels unworthy, undeserving. Years of being told that you are useless and worthless will do this to any man.
Look at the good, he has survived the most horrific thing that any man can SEXUAL ABUSE. yes at some point this must end and no longer be an excuse, but at some point he needs to deal with it.

Is he in a support group? does he even know that he doesn't love himself? does he even understand how the abuse affects his life?

So many question
Hope this helps Air
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