I'm sorry you're hurting. Is there a domestic violence/abuse center in your area? Not only do they offer shelter, but counseling for all types of abuse. the center where I live (near a major city), also offers one-on-one for men, should he ever get willing to heal.

But this space is yours. Since he's acting controlling, you may have to get creative: maybe call the center and arrange for a session when they offer child care. Explain the truth to them, and to him...well, since we repeat patterns we learned as kids, there's a chance you might come from a controlling or abusive house, yes? If so, he will only know you're going to deal with the fallout from that. If you didn't grow up with any abuse, you might need to find another way to leave for sessions. this is vital for us; I don't know where I'd be without individual counseling. Last January, I finally had had enough (the story is long and in my first few posts if you'd like to read it), and did actually prepare to leave if he didn't seek help for himself. Ou marriage counselor asked him to not return to session until he wasn't intimidating, threatening and abusive; she arranged for him to get individual elsewhere.

Another option is Al-Anon, and many cities have meetings with child care and during the day when most people are at work, as well as at night.