i just posted a bunch of material on this subject:

the person who raped me was working with/for the government as part of some sort of youth rehabilitation/job program, which was also involved with a church group, a convict/parole program, and a construction company.
i was a juvenile delinquent in trouble with the law.
my memories of that few weeks are very hazy, but i have vague recollections of a basement full of children all ages, i was moved to three different locations, big expensive houses in nice neighbourhoods, i barely and rarely did any actual "work" although i was technically employed and did receive money... my abuser had large amounts of cash and steady supply of drugs, he had keys to various places, he was always driving around, sometimes he would drop me off at some place and grab some other kid (one little girl i remember was only about 6) and leave with them for a while, return later, drop them off, and pick me up.
no one else abused me (that i can remember) but... there were other adults there with whom he was constantly communicating, and it seems impossible to me that these other adults that he kept meeting did not know what he was doing... now that i am an adult... it all seems so obviously suspicious.
i reported all this to the police... they told me there were several hundred victims who came forward... none of this reached the courts or newspapers...

instead he was portrayed as some sort of loner, but he was very social and sociable...
he then received over $100,000;pg=859,717327

... i complained to the government and threatened to make a big deal out of the fact that they (the youth employment program) had handed me over to him... i was given a small victim compensation and that was the end of it, although he was never charged with any crime against me.

it all makes no sense, unless there was something going on behind the scenes...
or else i am just a crazy paranoid trauma victim.

in any case... because of my history... my testimony is not considered credible.

make up your own mind, because i simply do not know what really happened.