I have suggested in the previous posts that my abuser was somehow involved with CIA and/or Army intelligence in testing out so-called procedures for studying the interrogation and/or manipulation of a "suspect". I came to suspect I might have been given LSD on the last day of that experience. My experience was in 1951. I was repeatedly sexually abused and tortured. I was repeatedly threatened with words and with a knife. I was tied with rope, starved and kept in isolation and semi-darkness. I saw another boy killed by "deep-throating" and remembered that was done to me the following day. The effects on me have been described in numerous posts here, but include Complex-PTSD, DIDNOS, long-standing depression, very low self-esteem and diminished social skills. I have had many hours of counseling, much of it at my own expense.

I have detailed my experience in the post pufferfish story part 5. Warning it is very disturbing and triggering.

Publicized material on that period of time include the experiments in a so-called Project Bluebird.


Now I have discovered a couple of documentary films which seem to corroborate my suspicions. They point out that there was a period of time in which the US Army conducted brazen experiments on civilians:


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Very good documentary about declassified US military and government activities / documents involving unauthorized chemical and medical testing on US citizens, from 1948 to the 1970's. Very well assembled and the closing statement is profound. Holds your interest throughout. Eye/mind opening. Highly recommended..

There is also a new book which I haven't seen yet, but it discusses the use of children in experiments during the cold war period:

Against Their Will: The Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America [Hardcover]
Allen M. Hornblum (Author), Judith Lynn Newman (Author), Gregory J. Dober (Author)

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During the Cold War, an alliance between American scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and the US military pushed the medical establishment into ethically fraught territory. Doctors and scientists at prestigious institutions were pressured to produce medical advances to compete with the perceived threats coming from the Soviet Union. In Against Their Will, authors Allen Hornblum, Judith Newman, and Gregory Dober reveal the little-known history of unethical and dangerous medical experimentation on children in the United States. Through rare interviews and the personal correspondence of renowned medical investigators, they document how children—both normal and those termed "feebleminded"—from infants to teenagers, became human research subjects in terrifying experiments. They were drafted as "volunteers" to test vaccines, doused with ringworm, subjected to electric shock, and given lobotomies. They were also fed radioactive isotopes and exposed to chemical warfare agents. This groundbreaking book shows how institutional superintendents influenced by eugenics often turned these children over to scientific researchers without a second thought. Based on years of archival work and numerous interviews with both scientific researchers and former test subjects, this is a fascinating and disturbing look at the dark underbelly of American medical history.


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