I used to think that maybe I was wrong; we're not in constant crisis. The long work hours for little money, the former business partners who screwed him over financially, the low-wage jobs when he returned to his old line of work...

No. It's not me. He was fired Friday. I'm so tired of him not believing me and trusting my gut instinct when I say "___ isn't trustworthy, you're taking the 'big money' bait." Every. Single. Time. Every time. For 6 years, it's been an endless list of getting effed over and living poor because he makes crap decisions. i'm nearly unemployable after years of caring for the kids and because our SN kid prohibits me from working normal hours.

When is it going to end? When will he stop chasing the pipe dream of being his own boss? We have $250 for a week, groceries to buy (don't qualify for emergency food stamps in our state) and he's insisting he "won't work for the man" ever again.

Some men act out sexually. Some run to their egos and work.

I'm so hurt and angry. I love him and am tired of living with his shame, his resulting huge ego and not enough money to pay medical bills, much less anything else. I'm tired of other recovering alkies telling me that "if I only had enough faith..." blah blah blah. Someone needs to read him the riot act, and it's not my job. I wouldn't be nice about it.

I have no clue what to do. Oh yeah, and he forgot my birthday this week until he logged onto a social media account and got the reminder. it's always all about him. I feel like his contributions to our marriage are beginning to look like lip service.

Eff it. I'm going back to al anon tomorrow.