I talked about this with my T several years ago. He said it was depersonalization disorder. I have a lot of symptoms of dissociative disorder. My loss of speech must have been a conversion disorder.

I have had a lot of the symptoms discussed in the Wikipedia article on Complex post-traumatic stress disorder:


I have a strong sense of loss of self and who I am (Think about it?) I used to look in a mirror and see a child. Hence, when I would watch the movies in the above list, they were about me (crazy? sick ) and or at least about what I went through. This is especially true of the movie Empire of The Sun. The book that movie was based on was written by a survivor of Japanese prisoner of war camp, as is the movie. It's an excellent movie. Yes and watching things like this helps me figure out who I am. Crazy?


I'm not a clinician and I find that the various books and articles I have available seem to disagree with each other as to these matters.


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