i knew it wasn't ok, but i don't seem to register any damage.
as i said, i had already been victimized prior to this, molested and raped, so what happened with my friend's mother did not feel bad compared to previous sexual experiences.

those things TJjeff and BraveFalcon say about me
"young guys are "lucky" to have sex with an older female at such a young age" and "young teens who wind up in these adult-teen relationships, don't normally see the relationship as abusive while it's going on. They often feel like the relationship makes them grown up and ahead of their friends." pretty much sums up my attitude the way i remember it. that was 35 years ago.

i know that if some adult woman was sexually propositioning my teenage son (he is 13), with or without alcohol or drugs, i would NOT allow it to happen. i would consider it a criminal act and put a stop to it immediately.

i am now confused about my own double standard.
how can two mutually exclusive and opposite points of view exist simultaneously in the same mind?

i wish i had never lifted the lid on this.
because it has created a conflict in me.
or maybe it has only revealed what was already there.

this must be the damage then.