this may sound like preaching, but for me (decades of surviving SA) the only way i could put the "empty words" into practice, was through sincere daily PRAYER, BIBLE study, and deep HONEST conversations with GOD, myself, and people i considered to be true christians (NOT FAKE CHRISTIANS LIKE MY ABUSERS).

This was not easy and took many many years, but it works.

i have chosen to be blunt and up-front because i would rather be rejected for who i am, than accepted for what i am not.
this led me to the "REAL" christians. believe when I tell you... they are out there. KEEP SEARCHING, READING THE BIBLE, and PRAY EVERY DAY for wisdom and strength.

avoid drugs, porno, and sex with strangers. they only make the situation worse, in my personal experience. don't abandon hope if you fail or fall. repent and start over as many times as it takes. never quit, you are worth the effort.

hope this helps.