I posted the beginning of my story in Introductions under Hi Everyone.

I really need help and support right now. I just found out my husband is in an active affair (at the very least emotional but more than likely physical). He is a police LT. and it is with one of his officers on his shift. He could lose his job! I've been having my suspicions about her but never thought he would jeopardize his job and his kids financial well being. I'm devastated and part of me wants to go to the Chief. He would most definitely get fired or demoted. But I wonder if this is what he needs to get help.

Her husband sent me photos of cards my husband had given her back at Christmas and Valentines. One calling her babe and the other say "love you". He says they were just jokes. He says they have an interest in each other but know nothing can happen because he's her supervisor. But they supposedly went to the chief together to confess their interest in each other but let him know nothing had happened. But they would like to be put on separate shifts so when they get divorced they can explore their feelings.

What do I do??? Do I file for divorce immediately or do I wait? I'm so lost and scared and alone.

Please help.