I've heard those two words before... long before I opened up about being transgender. It hasn't felt more true than now.. its not my fault, but it feels lily it. Be yourself my dad said. So I listened. Twenty years of pain later I wish I hadn't. Its not just my gender,its everything. I hate having a female body, it doesn't feel right. And neither does following a herd of sheep. I chose my own beliefs my own fashon style genre whatever you may call it I thought for myself I thought far deeper than :hey knew existed and institute accepting that I was different i get hurt.

All wanted was to be accepted or left alone, and for my father to see that I took his teachings to heart and be proud of me...

Now I'm facing a different battle. My foe now is no enemy, but with as pure of a heart as I've known I'm still being hurt. Either choice will only bring more pain. I don't know what to do
If you cannot overcome the current, then let the current take you. Only one certainty is sure, that the future is unknown. the river may be harsh, but still obeys Life's laws. The rest is up to you